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Non-toxic water-based emulsion with low viscosity and fast drying, mainly indicated as a substrate for the laying of bituminous membranes and used as a first waterproofing layer in walls against the ground, vertical walls, eaves, flashings, converse and as an anti-rust and protective on pipes, tanks and piling to be buried.


Fixative insulator for interiors and exteriors for walls and wood. With a high concentration of precious acrylic copolymers pre-dispersed in water, inorganic lightfast pigments, micronized quartz and selected water-repellent fillers. Excellent breathability, elasticity and brushability, resistant to the most unfavorable climatic conditions.


Solvent-free fixative primer for the preparation of mineral substrates for the subsequent application of silicate paints and plasters. Special product to stabilize and even out very absorbent substrates or substrates with non-homogeneous absorption.


One-component water-based primer composed of resin with additives with special mineral fillers as adhesion adjuvants. The material is characterized by its good adhesion capacity on extremely smooth and non-absorbent substrates, such as ceramics, metal surfaces and smooth concrete. The product creates a valid bonding bridge for liquid coatings and waterproofing products.


Sheet Primer is a fund anticorosivo finish water-component. Ideal for the maintenance and / or preparation of galvanized sheets and ferrous supports that can also be painted over with traditional alkyd finish enamels

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