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IDROLUX is a two-component finish based on polyester resins and aliphatic isocyanates. This product offers excellent resistance to aggressive atmospheres as well as good resistance to wear and scratches; the color and brilliance of the product are perfectly maintained and there is a high resistance to continuous immersion in fresh, sea and chlorinated water.


OPEADECOR is a self-leveling coating based on epoxy resin, ideal for thick coatings. It is a glossy finish used for the decoration of seamless floors for high prestige and elegance finishes. For a correct application of OPEADECOR the ambient temperature, and of the surface, must not be lower than 15 ° C, and air humidity of 60%, since, in the presence of low temperatures and high humidity, they could prolong, even considerably, the reaction times of the products and anomalies on the final result could occur. Before application, it is recommended to measure, using a suitable HYGROMETER, the rising humidity of the surface, which must be absent or, in any case, less than 3%.


Easy to apply, two-component, water-dilutable epoxy finishing resin. For universal use:
- excellent dustproof effect
- resistant to mold and bacteria

-exceptional adhesion even on terracotta, stoneware and tiles in general
- chemical resistance to solvents, mineral and vegetable oils, domestic and industrial detergents.


Easy-to-apply, single-component, dilutable, single-component epoxy plus polyurethane finishing resin. For universal use.


Water-based paint for concrete floors


THICK FLOOR is a thick coating that is applied directly to the surface to be restored. Cement-based and polyurethane powder, formulated in the OPEA research laboratories.

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