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One-component water-based colorless varnish, special for wood. Scratchproof, shockproof, with excellent elasticity. It is totally water repellent and resists detergents and alcohol. It can be washed with water and non-abrasive detergents and polished with normal floor waxes. Available in glossy version.


Water-based wax finish. The water-repellent water-based wax-effect finishes for exteriors protect the wood in depth from atmospheric agents. They give the surface an opaque effect and a particular softness to the touch.


Cementite filler for wood.


Semi-opaque white water-based enamel for wood. For external and internal use.


Protective and decorative impregnation of wood based on special resins and pigments. It does not create thickness on the surface: in this way, the dual purpose of protecting the substrates is achieved, leaving the wood its appearance and natural breathing. The excellent elasticity of the resins used allows the product to follow the natural settling of the wood over time.

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