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FLEXOPEA F40 is a wall paint based on siloxane resins loaded with silica, with high coverage and masking power of substrate irregularities. FLEXOPEA F40 effectively protects surfaces from the aggression of atmospheric and polluting agents: thanks to the siloxane binder of which it is composed, it is able to withstand the alkaline aggression typical of cementitious substrates.


QUARZOFINIX is a continuous micro-coating for external wall surfaces based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion, colored pigments and inert mineral fillers of various grain sizes. The type of binder used gives the product another transpiration to water vapor, an adequate resistance to alkalis and atmospheric agents. Remarkable applicability, workability, and adhesion. The adoption of solid pigments to light and alkali, ensures the stability of the colors even on walls particularly exposed to light radiation and bad weather.


Quartz flour paint for exterior. In aqueous dispersion, single component, physically drying, opaque, acrylic.


TERMOPEA 42 is a thermal coating based on resins in aqueous emulsion, titanium dioxide, selected aggregates, hollow glass microspheres, anti-mold additives. Particularly suitable for terraces, flat roofs and for all surfaces that do not have protection from the sun .

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