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Water repellent waterproofer. With the use of LUXOPEA 25, applied on the entire surface of the external facades, any absorption of rainwater by the walls is eliminated, without having to alter the visual appearance or the characteristics of transpiration. In fact, thanks to its high penetration power in the substrate, it manages to make a surface completely water-repellent. Since LUXOPEA 25 does not form a film, even the original breathability of the substrate remains completely unchanged.


It allows the waterproofing, water-repellent, breathable, invisible treatment of different types of vertical or sloping wall surfaces such as plasters (both traditional and premixed), natural stone, bricks, concrete, sandstone, tuff, marble, terracotta. Specific for the protection of historic buildings (facades, marble, stone materials, decorative elements, statues). Particularly suitable for low porous stone surfaces (marble, compact wall stone, porphyry, slate, granite).


It is an impregnating agent with a strong penetration capacity and a high water-repellent effect. It also allows the treatment of particularly compact and not very porous mineral substrates. Blocks the absorption of the treated surfaces by creating a protective barrier against water, humidity, rain, frost, smog, etc. LUXOPEA 25 does not create films and leaves the transpiration of the supports unaltered. The surfaces treated with LUXOPEA 25 will acquire new and important properties:

- Strong water repellency and pearling effect: this stops the combined action of rain and wind which by making moisture and corrosive substances penetrate into the substrate (smog) creates considerable damage and degradation both structural and visual

- Transparency with no chromatic variations even on colored plasters

- No formation of efflorescence, saltpetre, molds, alkas and fungi

- Better thermal insulation and energy efficiency

- Excellent resistance to aging agents (UV rays, freeze-thaw, etc.)

LUXOPEA 25 can also be used as an anti-efflorescence primer.

The water repellence conferred creates the "low dirt pick-up": this avoids the formation of stains and halos as foreign substances, carried by rain and humidity, will no longer be able to penetrate into the treated substrate which will therefore have self-cleaning characteristics.





With 1 Lt. of product about 10 square meters are covered

5Lt - 17Lt.

* The yield depends on the absorption of the substrate.

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